Cute to the Bone: These Twins Give the Best Ribs Reviews (Video)

Forget YouTube's precious kitty videos. Darla and Cory Harding, 7, will provide you with your recommended daily dose of cuteness with their take on Saturday's Frankfort rib cook-off.

One thing you must know if you meet Darla and Cory Harding is that you need to refer to them by a simple collective noun: The Twins.

Darla and Cory, 7, of Orland Hills, were at the Frankfort Amateur Rib Cook-Off on Saturday, Aug. 4, on and they quite possibly enjoyed the event and the food more than anyone else there. .


Don't believe me? Think I'm exaggerating? Then watch this video, which now holds the title as the most fun I've ever had during an interview.

And Cory, if you're reading this: I'm going to look you up in about 15 years, and I will expect you to cook me up some of the tastiest ribs I've ever had.


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