Income Inequality, the National Debt and our Economic Crisis.

What is driving our economic crisis with it's high unemployment rate and stagnant wages while at the same time companies enjoy record profits and the stock market soars?

Politicians have shaped the national discourse to blame moochers, government spending, government regulations, and "entitlements" for our economic crisis. Join a discussion led by noted lecturer, Ed Cole, as we explore the root cause of the economic issues of our time, income/wealth inequality and the national debt furor. The discussion will draw from the Joseph Stiglitz book, “The Price of Inequality”. Learn how Stiglitz, a Noble Prize winning economist, views the issues. Join us even if you have not read the book as key points will be explained and discussed.

The South Suburban MoveOn Council will host this teach-in concerning income inequality and the national debt on Tuesday, March 12, 7-8:30 pm at the Frankfort Public Library, 21119 S Pfeiffer Rd., Frankfort, IL 60423

Space is limited-to sign up click:

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Stuart Kurtz March 09, 2013 at 03:45 AM
Juvenal, It's actually not so clear. Hedge fund managers only get paid if they make money, which sounds like a good idea, but in the real world, it encourages risk taking, because the zero lower-bound creates a moral hazard. Let me give you a simple illustration. Let's say that you and I both start standard hedge funds, with $100M each. We get together, and flip a coin, winner take all. The winner earns $10M, the loser loses nothing. The winners investors make a +90%, the losers -100%. The winners are happy to invest in the next fund, and the losers don't matter. Good work if you can get it.
BUTCH March 09, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Gen u are so American! u obviously were not raised in the Caymans or Switzerland! Just a downwinder like the rest of us! @ ann what was vulgar?
BUTCH March 09, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Another Cayman islander Capitalist bit the dust, Florian Homm CEO of Absolute Capital management and mgr of nine hedge funds and co owner of a broker-dealership in LA who was tipped off by Bushevik insiders and fled in the middle of the night after dumping tens of millions of his own stock in Absolute he and his partners or family fled with over 50 million in assets to Europe.he was arrested in Florence at an art gallery( trying to swindle some Florentine collectors no doubt). The Rogue or Estranged Capitalist which he goes by left his gullible TPARTY investors holding worthless securitites and estimate losses in excess of 200 million, most of them are rank and file downwinder deniers of climate change and born again birthers. The incredible part of the story is he is not even a big fish had he been one he would still be living on the Riviera and voting in the Cayman islands.such a pity the administration has a CORP AG, what this country needs is a good Socialist ATTY GENERAL.
BUTCH March 10, 2013 at 05:18 PM
@ NEWS FLASH ---For the folks who STRUGGLE DAILY are not Hedge fund mgr's or do not live in the Georgian Townhose called Ugland house in the Caymans with the Carlyle Gp whose alumni include such outstanding iconic Murkans as the 41-43 POTUS, and the entire Bush cabinents and the former Tory leader John Major,Ugland is called the House where they host the hall of the Shameless by the native snorklers and bartneders who comprise the work force along with janitors provided by the CIA and MI 5 or 6 and an MOSSAD paper shredding corp who are also registered voters and delivered a 100% vote for TWIT and Lyin knowing it was meaningless since it only made the final result 52-48 from the magic 47%, this number was only done previous in the old Soviet union and eastern bloc where Stalin got 125% in every election, even if TWIT could reach that it would not matter, what matters is the 1 trillion plus in tax avoidance continue and a cut in SSA -Medicare-air controllers and most federal agencies is a done deal. The new Sec treasury insures the legacy of Geitner, Paulson ,Rubin and the rest of the banksters and along with the TPARTY INSURE the DEFICIT and DEBT preoccupy the minds of nitwits and otraged conservatives is that redundant? Obama is the best friend for the 1% the dog and pony show, the plan is to insure no GOP POTUS gets into the oval office to stop the happy days are here again rendition of 4 more years, the only thing they worry about is the Kool aiders are running out!
BUTCH March 10, 2013 at 11:20 PM
@proud TO BE AN AMERICAN and CAPITALIST what we have here is the flag wavers and proud to be Murkans greed, recklessness and illegal acts as Banksters,and their entrenched burocrats, SO WE KNOW WHY it was under the CHENEY-DUBYA watch that the depression took place. It could not have been done however had their not been a grateful TPARTY alliance with corrrput Democrats in congress that approved the looting of America. The BANKSTER CORP are people my friend received 17 TRILLION in stimulus,zero free loans and every imaginable assistance from the Federal Reserve and then blamed the Kenya-Indonesian-Muslim -socialist Black guy Eh! As soon as they were flush AGAIN in two years the icons of the grateful dead (TPARTY MURKANS) set up new subsidaries in Ugland House in the Caymans this included BOA (that should be Bank of MURKA LOOTERS) and then looted the treasury for another 1 BILLLION rebate thank u TPARTY! Goldman Sachs the flagship of the BANKSTERS set up 40 offshore facilities( for SHELDON the bankroller and corrupy briber of foreigners doing biz with Romney Bain), he and TWIT can move all or any amount which they do to launder Macau and RED ARMY Off shore drilling Corp money from the Iran operation easier into the Murkan market while Goldman avoided 4 Billion in taxes, the best is CITIGP no taxes in 4 years since the depression and 2.5 TRILLION in gifts from the BANKSTERS CENTRAL BANK the Federal Reserve, no wonder they are proud to be American and love being MURKAN


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