JROTC Supporters Demand School Board Save Military Program

District tells meeting room packed with cadets, veterans and parents Thursday night that the program is too costly.

JROTC supporters address the Lincoln-Way 210 School Board Thursday night, Feb. 13. | Credit: ABC 7 News
JROTC supporters address the Lincoln-Way 210 School Board Thursday night, Feb. 13. | Credit: ABC 7 News

A standing-room-only crowd filled the meeting room of the Lincoln-Way District 210 school board Thursday night as parents, veterans and JROTC cadets pleaded for the Junior ROTC program's survival.

The Air Force program is at all four high schools in the district, but budget constraints are prompting district administrators to discontinue JROTC. As first reported by Patch in January, the program will be consolidated over the next few years and eliminated entirely by 2018.

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"There are 8th graders now that aren't going to be able to do the program," said Emma Albers-Lopez, a sophomore JROTC student. "There are 7th graders, 6th graders, here are kids who are never going to be able to experience this."

District officials say the program's annual cost to the district is $500,000, with the Air Force kicking in an additional $260,000.

"This is not an easy decision to make," Arvid Johnson, Lincoln-Way 210 school board president, told the crowd.

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Frank Zeimetz February 16, 2014 at 07:50 PM
Maybe Jay should have opened his eyes in the last 32 years...
Deb Jones February 16, 2014 at 10:50 PM
Frank Zeimetz February 18, 2014 at 02:41 AM
Props to Paulette. For Mr. Malloy, where was your side of the story at the board meeting? The board had nothing to say. They didn't even want to hear what the public they represent had to say. You went along business as usual. Maybe if you included the public we could help you work out some of your problems. People could brainstorm ideas and use their imaginations to solve the problems of the community. I don't like people being put out of work, I don't want to see trade programs go away. I would like to see solutions that are win win for everyone. What I don't want to see is more vacant space in a over populated and under staffed school. By cutting programs lincoln way is failing it's own mission statement, and I believe that to be unacceptable.
Deb Jones February 18, 2014 at 08:01 PM
This is written as a parent of a current Lincoln-Way senior & an incoming freshman who would like to have had the choice to join JROTC. We went to the "Class of 2018 Open House" and listened to person after person informing us how wonderful Lincoln-Way schools are because they offer so many choices. Please do not misunderstand me I believe LWHSD 210 is a very wonderful school district, otherwise we would not have bought our house in the district. I am also not planning on moving my children to a different district because of these cuts. I do plan on having a conversation with my elected state officials, especially those who ran or run on the platform to improve the way the state of Illinois funds it's school districts. If the problem is the state of Illinois's lack of funding why suggest we contact the federal government or USAF? We should be demanding our local elected officials pay the bills & balance the budget just like every voter is expected to do and usually does. Mr. Molloy & school board in general, I as a parent do not wish to see any program eliminated be it a sports, clubs, or classes. By eliminating any of them you directly impact the students because you LIMIT their choices. However, I understand cuts must be made, I just hope we can find a better way to do so and still allow students the same opportunities as before. By allowing students choices they learn what have to struggle in, what comes easy to them, how they learn the best, what they enjoy & what they do not enjoy; but furthermore, by not allowing choices you are limiting their discovery of who they are to become. I would prefer my children to have a slight clue as to who they want to become before I receive the bill for college tuition, it does get very costly when they change their mind every semester or year. So if at all possible would you please open the lines of communication. You have been given many choices and I know they are plenty of more out there, let people know what will not work, what will work & together we can find that middle ground. That goes for all the programs that are to be eliminated due to budget cuts. To Jay I hope you know that ROTC is in colleges/universities JROTC is in high schools. Yes there are 16 AFJROTC in IL, but the is 46 AJROTC and 15 NJROTC in the state of Illinois and that is not to mention the ROTCs within the state of Illinois.


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