District 99 Releases Bus Statement (UPDATE)

Administrators to monitor routes in person on Tuesday.


District 99 released another bus update on its website Tuesday evening. Below is the update. After the update is the earlier statement from Monday night.

Bus Update – August 30, 2011

District 99 is aware that our bus transportation problems persist. We believe that we have identified a major problem with our service, namely that the company does not have permanent drivers in place for all or most routes. We are pressing Westway to correct this problem immediately.

This morning, District administrators and staff rode on many of the most troubled routes. We believe that this made a positive impact on most of the routes—but not all. We will again ride the most problematic routes tomorrow morning.

“Westway Coach is well aware that we are beyond frustrated with their abysmal service to our students,” says Dr. McDonald. “We have been assured that drivers will be appointed to a permanent route as soon as possible, so that we can begin to build consistency into each route--and build trust back into our relationship with the bus company.”

Students should continue to follow the published bus schedules. There have been NO CHANGES made to the schedules:  

The routes for South High School may be found here: http://www.csd99.org/assets/11/information/Bus_routes_for_website_11-12.pdf  

The routes for North High School may be found here: http://www.csd99.org/assets/12/documents/2011-12_Bus_Schedule.pdf



released a statement about recent busing issues Monday evening. Below is the statement, verbatim. The statement was emailed to parents, and you can also read the statement by clicking here.

The statement reads:

We are very aware of the continued, significant problems that our students and families are experiencing with bus transportation. We met with the owner of the bus company, Westway Coach, on Friday, August 26, who assured us that the bus managers would work throughout the weekend to resolve the problems and confusion.  

Today the issues persisted. We again contacted the bus company to express our frustration and to try to understand the difficulties. Tomorrow morning, District 99 administrators and staff will be stationed at the most problematic bus routes, and will monitor first-hand the performance of each route.  

It is VERY IMPORTANT for all students to follow the published bus schedules. There have been NO CHANGES made to the schedules:  

The routes for may be found here: http://www.csd99.org/assets/11/information/Bus_routes_for_website_11-12.pdf

The routes for may be found here: http://www.csd99.org/assets/12/documents/2011-12_Bus_Schedule.pdf  

If you experience problems, please first call Westway Coach at 630-737-0688 so that they can contact your driver. In addition, please share these pick-up problems and any additional concerns with your school. Call Associate Principal Ed Schwartz (630-795-8513) at South High School or Associate Principal Chuck Hiscock (630-795-8414) at North High School.   

We again apologize for the inconvenience and disruption. As we learn more about the reasons for the issues, we will share them with you. 

Mary H August 30, 2011 at 02:20 PM
In addition to the pickup/late bus issues, I have a serious concern over any bus driver who would drop off a child (1 1/2 blocks from home) in the midst of thunder and lightning and rain. Last Tuesday, my daughter had to run home in the rain to avoid being caught in the deluge that hit seconds after she arrived home. But, the scariest part for her was the fact that it was lightning and thundering. She was the last kid off the bus - and the bus driver continued right down our street past our house. This goes way beyond inconvenience to a serious safety matter.
Kent Frederick August 30, 2011 at 02:21 PM
I had walked my son to Kingsley this morning and was heading home, when I saw several parents dropping off kids that I knew rode the bus to school. I heard one parent telling other parents that the bus hadn't come..
Jennifer Waldorf August 30, 2011 at 03:48 PM
We have posted the following information regarding bus issues at www.dg58.org: The bus service provided to District 58 families thus far this school year has been unacceptable. Our routes have been plagued with a variety of problems, including late buses, early buses and missed stops. District officials met last week with the president of Westway Coach to discuss specific action plans to address the many problems experienced on our routes during the past week. However, although Westway Coach worked throughout the weekend to solve these problems, unfortunately they were unable to do so for bus service Monday morning or Monday afternoon. We thank the parents of District 58 for their patience, and sincerely apologize to our families for the disruption and stress this situation has caused. We will continue to contact Westway Coach to express our frustration and press them to resolve the issues and provide the level of service our families deserve. Until service has stabilized, District 58 officials and parent volunteers will be out at certain bus stops and riding bus routes each day to assist drivers and provide a calming atmosphere for students. Until further notice, our drivers will continue to follow our existing routes, which have been shared directly with parents and posted at http://www.dg58.org/parent_resources. District 58 will continue to provide regular e-mail/telephone updates regarding bus transportation to our families whose students utilize this service.
Elizabeth Major August 30, 2011 at 06:30 PM
I have received NOTHING and my son is an 8th grade bus rider at Oneill - I know they have my correct contact information because I have already received other communications from district 58 and Oneill directly already this year. The only way I knew there were issues is from my son complaining and information that has been sent from Dist 99 because I have another student there (that doesn't ride the bus). Maybe Dist 58 should just send blanket notices to the whole district like 99 has been doing...
Josephine September 01, 2011 at 12:10 AM
This is down right ridiculous! I mean really, Should the buses stop at everyones house? Quit blaming the bus driver because there was a storm. When I had to take a bus we had to wait in rain, snow and sleet for our bus...boo hoo... pick your kid up from school or car pool. They can not cater to everyone. The school districts create the routes. The stops are no more than 2 blocks from their homes.


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