Wild Rover Under Review for Liquor License Violation

Village officials met with the owners of the local bar to discuss a police incident that occurred on New Year's Day.

The Village of Frankfort held an administrative hearing on Feb. 1 to review the liquor license for The Wild Rover in response to an incident involving the bar’s owner and the Frankfort police that occurred on New Year’s Day.

John Dillon, co-owner of the bar, was issued a notice to appear in court for a liquor license violation after police discovered people inside and outside of the establishment at 2:47 a.m. Jan. 1, according to a report from the Frankfort Police Department. 

Village sanctioned hours of operation for New Year’s Day extended until 2 a.m. Police said that prior to the New Year’s incident, Dillon had already received one warning about keeping the bar open after hours.

“We’re going to insist on the strict compliance with those rules,” said Village Attorney George Mahoney.

Dillon and his brother, James, who co-owns The Wild Rover, said that the circumstances surrounding the incident involved a man who the Dillons allowed to wait for a cab inside the bar after the establishment was required to be closed.

“We weren’t deliberately violating the rules,” said James. “It was not our intention to do that.”

Village officials determined that the Dillons should be fined $250 for the violation.

Multiple outstanding state issues regarding The Wild Rover’s liquor license were also discussed during Friday’s hearing.

Among these is the claim that the Secretary of State dissolved the bar’s status as an Illinois corporation. However, the Dillons say that this was an administrative error that has since been resolved.

Mahoney also discussed previously unpaid state fees related to sales tax and licensing associated with The Wild Rover. The Dillons said that all taxes have now been paid, but the village requested that the owners provide a certification of payment from the state by Feb. 8.

If these issues are not resolved by the village deadline, a state hearing will take place on Feb. 13 to determine whether or not to revoke or suspend The Wild Rover’s liquor license.

“We want you to be successful,” said Mayor Jim Holland. “Let’s make sure we continue on the right footing.”

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Linda Carson February 05, 2013 at 07:09 AM
Uhh-Ohh. Someone didn't get their fat envelope...


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