Treasurer Surveys Residents about Emailed Tax Bills

Will County Treasurer Steve Weber wants to know if taxpayers are open to receiving their property tax bill electronically.

If you could get your property tax bill delievered to your inbox rather than your mailbox, would you?

That's the question Will County Treasurer Steve Weber wants answered in a survey he's conducting to help him determine what type of system he needs in order to comply with a new state law mandating that counties give taxpayers a choice of paper or paperless bill delivery.

Residents who have already paid their tax bill electronically via their computer were emailed the survey Wednesday morning. Others are asked to go to the treasurer's Web site to complete the 10-question document. (Click here for the survey.)

Brian McDaniel, a spokesman for the treasurer's office, said 200 people had already responded to the questionnaire as of Wednesday afternoon. The goal is to get as many completed forms from people living in all parts of the county by the time the survey ends Nov. 14, he said.

"Depending on the response, we may (email the bills) internally or we might have to hire a vendor to do it," McDaniel said.

The survey attempts to measure how much respondents currently use email and the Internet to pay bills and if they'd be willing to receive their tax bill electronically rather than via the traditional mail system.

It also asks what types of things appeal to users who prefer a paperless bill, such as whether they believe it's safer than paying by mail and if it's easier to deal with because it eliminates clutter and keeps documents in one place.

There is also a question about whether taxpayers would be agreeable to paying a fee of anywhere from 50 cents to $2.50 for the service.

This article was contributed by Patch editor Karen Sorensen.

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dale evans November 01, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Why would they charge us for something that cost less to produce? No postage or printing costs.


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