Toi Hutchinson Retains 40th District Senate Seat

Hutchinson's opponent, Tuck Marshall, commended the senator for running a clean campaign.

Toi Hutchinson will remain the state senator for the 40th District after a victory over Frankfort challenger Joseph "Tuck" Marshall.

Hutchinson grabbed 80 percent of the votes in south suburban Cook County, with all precincts reported. She took just under 55 percent of the votes in Kankakee County, with all precincts reported. Marshall beat out Hutchinson in Will County, taking just more than 56 percent of the votes with all precincts reported.

Hutchinson said maintaining her seat in the 40th District is "wonderful," and the state senator said she respected her opponent's challenge.

"Everybody has a right to run, and I take every challenge seriously," Hutchinson said. "It takes a lot to put your name out there. I know exactly how that feels."

Running against an incumbent, Marshall said he always felt he had a shot at defeating Hutchinson, noting that his only major obstacle was Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's support for the state senator.

“I never felt like an underdog," Marshall said. "I felt I was running against a machine with Madigan’s money. Last time Madigan gave her a $1.3 million."

Despite seeing Hutchinson as a part of the "Madigan Machine," Marshall said he was glad to be part of a race with little mud-slinging.  "Either way it's a clean race," Marshall said. "I like Toi."

Hutchson was appointed to the seat in Jan. 2009, after her predecessor, Debbie Halvorson, was elected to the United States House of Representatives. 

Editor's Note: This article initially said the 2012 race was Hutchinson's first contested election for her senate seat. Hutchinson won a contested race in 2010 against Republican Adam Baumgartner.

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tom bauer November 07, 2012 at 05:39 AM
This is her first contested election for the seat. No. Toi won a contested election in 2010.
Christopher Paicely November 07, 2012 at 06:13 AM
Good catch, Tom. The article has been corrected.


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