River Forest Terror Suspect 'Mentally Unfit'

A federal judge has ruled that Ronald Haddad, Jr., a River Forest resident and accused domestic terrorist suspect, mentally unfit for trial.

A former River Forest Resident and domestic terror suspect has recently been found unfit to stand trial by a federal judge.

Federal Judge Virginia Kendall ruled that Ronald Haddad Jr. was mentally unfit for trial on Nov. 16, according to reporting by River Forest Leaves.

The court found that Haddad was unable to assist in his own defense.

Haddad is currently represented by his fourth attorney, after firing the previous three. He previously accused his former attorneys of working with the FBI to deny him his legal rights.

This was at least the fifth time Haddad's ability to stand trial was evaluated, according to the River Forest Leaves. According to Judge Kendall, each psychiatrist has found that Haddad suffers from a disorder that impairs his ability to think rationally and interpret "events and phenomena in his life."

Haddad was re-incarcerated in May 2010 after he violated the terms of his home arrest bond. He was found competent in a competency hearing in December 2011 and was again released on bond. However, he was again incarcerated when he refused to take medication that was required as part of the bond agreement and then spit at his lawyer in court.

At his most recent hearing, Haddad was ordered to be committed for no more than four months. He may be forced to take anti-psychotic medication for his treatment while committed—something Haddad has previously refused to do, even if meant being able to live at home.


Haddad was arrested in 2009 by federal agents and a terrorism task force at his home in the 100 block of Park Avenue in River Forest, the Wednesday Journal reported.

Haddad was suspected of sending threatening letters and packages of live ammunition to several Chicago area officials, including then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and then Governor Rod Blagojevich. According to the Journal, Haddad first appeared on the FBI's radar when he was a student a Dominican University in 1999 when he used computers on the school's campus to post misogynistic essays detailed with violent imagery on a Web site.

A second indictment was brought in 2010 that charged him with sending 28 threatening letters to officials in state, county and local offices.

According to the River Forest Leaves, Haddad has unsuccessfully attempted to sue the Oak Park and River Forest police departments multiple time, and in two 2009 emails, he suggested attacking local officials, including the village presidents of Oak Park and River Forest, the Oak Park village manager and members of the River Forest Police Department and listed their addresses.

Tinley Park 4 December 01, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Oh good grief, even scammed a judge to believe he's nuts. Send him back where he came from, buh bye.
Joe in South Oak Park December 03, 2012 at 04:29 AM
The guy sounds pretty crazy to me. It's not like he gets off on a unfit to stand trial judgement. It means that he will be involuntarily committed as a patient in a mental institution until he can stand trial. If you ask me that in itself is worse than prison.


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