Report: Ex-Police Chief Piscia Drops Pension Fight

Frankfort Police officers questioned the police pension credits earned over the past two years by Rob Piscia, a former chief and current assistant village administrator, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Former Frankfort Police chief and current assistant village administrator Rob Piscia last week withdrew his police pension credits claim, which had come under fire from a state agency and some officers on the force, the Chicago Tribune reports.

At issue was Piscia collecting police pension credits after stepping down as chief to take the assistant village administrator job in 2010, the report said. The Illinois Department of Insurance, which oversees the state's local police pension boards, agreed with some Frankfort Police officers that Piscia should not have been eligible for those credits, the report continued. Those officers formally brought up the issue with the Frankfort Police Pension Board, the report said.

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Piscia initially claimed he was entitled to the police pension credits earned over the past two years because he did some police work during that time, the report said. However, that police work doesn't ensure pension credit eligibility, and Piscia dropped his fight last week before a hearing Monday, Sept. 17, to avoid any further controversy, according to the Tribune.

If Piscia would have kept those two years of credits, which applied to his higher administrative salary, he would have earned about $9,000 a year from his pension, going from $66,000 to $75,000, the Tribune calculated.


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scorpion October 04, 2012 at 04:44 AM
Sorry, I was mistaken. The Pension Board consist of the Village Treasurer, two police officers, one retired police officer and two civilians appointed by the Mayor. They meet quarterly, but it is weird, that if you look at the Village calender, the Pension Board meetings do not show up on the list of scheduled meetings. If they do show up, they list an agenda, but NEVER have minutes available. Does anyone know the names of the Pension Board members ?? Is Demetrius Karos still the Village Treasurer ??? Does he know anything about the deal made to enhance the pension of Piscia ?? Who is the retired officer on the Board ?? Who are the civilians ? Who are the employed officers ? When is the next meeting and where will it be ???
scorpion October 26, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Chicago Tribune reports that there was a Police Pension Board meeting today at 12:30PM. Does anyone know what took place at the meeting ???
Anna Schier October 26, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Hi Scorpion, Piscia will be refunded $23,709 he made in pension payments during the last two years, according to the Tribune. I'll have a post up about it tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Anna
marsha mondry October 26, 2012 at 09:37 PM
If the guy is making $117,000.00 per year now what will his pension from Frankfort be in a few years? We need to have these positions reviewed by an independent consultant. Do we really need an assistant administraor? I would like to see his job duties. Who are these town officials kidding. I guess it's the tax payers
scorpion October 27, 2012 at 12:51 AM
If he stays working in Illinois Municipal Government for at least 8 years, he will be vested in the IMRF Pension and will receive another pension. It will be a reduced amount unless he works for a long period of time. He will be contributing to the fund, and will receive the benefits he deserves. That is unless he and others find a loophole to bilk the pension system for more money. You are correct MARSHA, do we really need an assistant administrator ? Why does he need a take home vehicle ...why can't he use a pool car for his travels or leave the vehicle at Village Hall and only use it for official business instead of for personal use. This Mayor needs to address some important issues before the next election.


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