Long Term Tree Removal to Cost Village $1.8 Million

The board will spend $150,000 this fall and spring to remove and replant a fraction of the infested trees.

The Frankfort Village Board approved a recommendation to implement a plan that will ensure the removal and replacement of hundreds of beetle-infested public Ash trees at a meeting on Oct. 15.

Under the Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan, the village will remove and replace 262 parkway trees that were deemed in poor condition during a survey and inspection last summer. Removal is estimated to begin in late fall. Replanting will follow in the spring.

EAB is caused when EAB beetles inhabit Ash trees. The infestation causes the tree’s limbs to die from the top down, as the canopy thins.

The removal and replacement plan will cost $150,000 and is part of a long term, evolving village project to address the EAB problem as it develops.

“It’s devastating the landscape of the whole town,” said Trustee Dick Trevarthan, who presented the recommendation on behalf of the joint Tree Board and Land Use and Policy committees.

Frankfort is home to 9,200 parkway trees, 3,373 of them Ash. The 262 trees slotted for removal constitute the bottom eight percent of public Ash trees in Frankfort. As Ash are removed, they will be replaced by a diverse variety of trees.

The cost for the village to remove and replace all Ash parkway trees is $1.8 million.

“It really is tragic that this is happening in our community,” said Trustee Mike Stevens.

Trevarthan said that homeowners should contact a certified arborist if they think they may have an Ash with EAB. Homeowners with Ash on their property are responsible for the removal and treatment of the tree.

During the meeting, the board also accepted and authorized a request from Assistant Village Administrator Rob Piscia for additional construction services on the Market Street project. The additional services cost $19,876.80 and will provide a lane addition.

When giving the Mayor’s report, Mayor Jim Holland noted that brush pickup will continue through the week. The last scheduled pickup is Oct. 19.

Mayor Holland also specified that this year’s trick or treat hours are 4-7 p.m. on Halloween.

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Scott Carlini October 22, 2012 at 08:22 AM
I SEE WORDS LIKE "BATTLE" "FIGHT" AND "TRAGEDY" BUT THEY ARE NOT SAVING ONE TREE! Then sending employees to get registered as Arborists for dealing with EAB. What happens when those workers come back and tell their bosses that scientists have had a cure for over six years and so many trees needlessly died because of misinformation? Now this year Government studies showed total success using Imidacloprid by allowing homeowners to pour their own double dose to save this American tree. $120 TOTAL for six years of insecticide -VS- $800 to cut down, destump and replace. Holding detractors accountable would be nice, for them to rethink their past uninformed decision on just removing trees and start saving what is left is even better. But as of October 2012 they are still shouting the world is flat when scientists are showing the public pictures of a round world from space. Al the while there has been a cure, and politicians think loosing towns Ash trees is "Tragic" even though totally avoidable. Who's brother owns a tree removal company or tree nursery. I wish at least one towns Arborist would have a sister that sells cheap tree insecticide. Who do we thank for loosing our urban tree line now, EAB or people in charge of parkway trees? Only six years left untill no more EAB, will your Native Ash tree still be around to grow 300+ more years? 6OO years for White Ash!
Scott Carlini October 22, 2012 at 08:52 AM
I see Frankfort was Founded in 1879. That is sad because as a tree historian I know there has to be some very old Ash trees in town, and double sad that town is telling tree owners that it's "Inevitable" EAB will kill treated and untreated trees. These are the very trees that should of had you checking out insecticides in order to at least try to preserve the historic old ones representing time before Frankfort. Then you would have realized town could have saved younger high value trees too. I bet no one will count age ring one on first settler planted trees in town because no one cares enough to do that for Chicagolands third most important native tree in Frankfort. Now their precious local DNA will be lost forever even after these old trees "mass seed" from EAB stress, as private gardeners will pull every young Ash out of soil to promote green lawn. I am embarrassed for my Frankfort friends! I bet every old farm house has Ash trees that are 120 to 140 years old. You don't see older ones because early residents used 5OO year old Ash trees for wood handles, boat oars & American baseball bats. Even Blue Ash tree bark used by settlers to dye jeans "Blue". What history you guys are loosing. Will any of these goofy tree city USA towns stick up for Oak when they are in trouble?
Concerned February 19, 2013 at 02:18 PM
So we all know that the ash borer is taking our trees, however the village of Frankfort has no plan. I just called and asked when they were going to replace them and they had no clue. Upward of 5 trees on my block will be taken down and tw village public works department has no clue when they will put them back in. "Sometime in the spring" I was told. No clue when it what species. Frankfort get your act together before you plan on spending $150000. Anyone else realizing that the village of Frankfort has no plan or leadership? Especially with te emerald ash borer.


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