Lawmakers Settle Budget; Road Construction Will Continue

During this week's special session, the Illinois Senate removed the additional $430 million it previously tacked on to the state's budget.

Local leaders can rest easier knowing that major construction projects on Route 30 and Interstate 80 won't be stopped this summer because of political fighting down state.

In a special session this week, the state Senate removed the $430 million it had previously added to the House's capital construction legislation, which already totaled $33.2 billion.

Upset over budget cuts, Senate Democrats added $430 million for human services and education last month and tied that extra spending to the annual reauthorization of the statewide construction plan. An attempt to settle differences in a conference committee failed, and . 

"This is very welcome news, and legislators left Springfield having stayed true to the bipartisan commitment we made this spring to begin forcing the state to live within its means just like families have to do," Rep. Renee Kosel (R-New Lenox) said in a news release. Kosel's district includes the Route 30 and I-80 construction projects.

The is a $22.6 million project that will add a lane in each direction between La Grange Road and Route 30 in Will County. The $73 million Route 30 construction will widen the road to four lanes between Williams Street in New Lenox and Harlem Avenue in Frankfort. Both projects began in May.


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