Frankfort Village Board Roundup: New Police Ordinances and a 2011 Zoning Map

We break down what board members voted on and approved at Tuesday's meeting.

CORRECTION (4:01 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 23): In an earlier version of this story, it incorrectly stated that the 2011 zoning map included a training center for the Lincolnway Special Recreation Association. The map includes a transition center for the Lincoln-Way Special Education District 843. We regret the error.

The Village Board approved a variety of ordinances and code amendments at Tuesday's meeting. Here are the details:

The request: Approval of four police ordinances recommended by the Village Land Use and Policy Committee at its Feb. 7 meeting. 

What it means: The ordinances reflected changes in the village code in four different areas:

  • Use of neighborhood vehicles on public ways
  • Creation of the offense of public intoxication
  • Regulation of the sale of certain pre-owned merchandise
  • Charitable Games Act, which requires registration of charitable game events by nonprofits

Any comments by the board or public? Asked by Trustee Cynthia Heath for clarification about the Charitable Games Act, Police Chief John Burica described the ordinance as a way for the village to make sure nonprofit groups are in compliance with state law when it comes to holding charity events that involve games such as raffles, Texas Hold 'Em, certain giveaways and other activities. The act allows the village to help these organizations obtain a state licenses to sponsor these games as well make sure they're following the law, Village Administration Jerry Ducay added.

How did it pass? Unanimously. (Trustees Kevin Egan Richard Trevarthan were absent from Tuesday's meeting.)


The request: Approval of an ordinance regulating the placement of recycling boxes  in the village. The new ordinance was recommended by the Land Use and Policy Committee at its Feb. 7 meeting.

What it means: The ordinance requires recycling boxes for used clothing, paper, plastics and other items be adjacent to the primary building they're near and be screened from public view.

Any comments by the board or public? No.

How did it pass? Unanimously. 


The request: Adpotion of the 2011 village zoning map.

What it means: The 2011 zoning map, which was recommended by the Village Plan Commission, has minor updates from the previous year that reflect three lot consolidations, a planned unit development for the construction of a new transition center for the Lincoln-Way Area Special Education District 843 on Colorado Avenue and other minor changes.

Any comments by the board or public? No.

How did it pass? Unanimously. 


The request: Approval of changes in the Code of Ordinances concerning the building licensing process.

What it means: The changes in the code creates new fees and streamlines the process as part of a software update for the village's building staff.

Any comments by the board or public? Thanks to the software updates and these code changes, Trustee Heath said this will allow business owners to handle business licenses online instead of requiring the owners to take care of the matters in person.

How did it pass? Unanimously. 


The request: Amend village traffic code concerning truck weight limits.

What it means: The amendment limits 12-ton truck traffic on Sauk Trail from Pfeiffer Road to Harlem Avenue and 80th Avenue from Sauk Trail to Laraway Road.

Any comments by the board or public? No.

How did it pass? Unanimously.

Lana Graser February 23, 2011 at 06:53 PM
Under "Adoption of the 2011 village zoning map" it states that a new training center on Colorado Ave. is for the Lincolnway Special Recreation Association . It is actually by Lincoln-Way Area Special Education. I am hoping that it is properly noted in the meeting and this is simply an error in reporting. Thank you. Lana Graser, Executive Director of Lincolnway Special Recreation Assn.
Joe Vince February 23, 2011 at 10:06 PM
Lana: Thank you for pointing that out. The error was mine, not the board's. I've made the correction in the story. My apologies for the mistake. Joe Vince Local Editor, Frankfort Patch
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