Biggest Election Day Question: Where's My Polling Place?

Confusion was the order of the day at some precincts as voters ended up at the wrong polling places after the county's decision to consolidate sites.

Barry Weinstein walked into the polling place at School, ready to vote in Tuesday's primary election. 

Less than five minutes later, he was back outside, not having voted. , Frankfort lost 13 polling places. The Will County Clerk's Office sent out new voter registration cards with the new polling places on them at the beginning of the year. 

"I probably got it in the mail," said Weinstein, who was headed to his correct precinct at . "I just didn't notice."


Weinstein's predicament wasn't an unusual sight Tuesday. Voters who were in the right place to vote said they didn't know their polling place had changed until a friend or a spouse told them that morning. Others even had their new cards but still wound up at the wrong precinct. 

"People who did have their cards didn't bother to read them," said  poll worker Melinda Manoni-Granzyk.

Many polling place workers around Frankfort spent a good portion of their time directing residents to their proper precincts. In fact, as I went to polling places throughout the village, I saw more voters being told they were at the wrong precinct than I saw cast actual ballots.


Poll workers at the library and the  said they informed quite a few voters on where they needed to go to vote. Donna Friend, a poll worker at Grand Prairie, said they had sent away at least 40 would-be voters by noon.

The exception to this trend of the precincts I visited: Hickory Hills. Election judge Bill Lubben said they only had a handful of people who were at the wrong place. 


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