Police Warn Against 'Ruse Burglaries'

With the summer months approaching, Frankfort Police officials are advising residents to be on the lookout for suspects luring people out of their houses in order to rob them.

Frankfort residents—especially seniors—are being warned to be on the lookout for "ruse burglaries," thefts where victims are led outside their homes while others burglarize the residence, according to a release.

Area police departments, including Frankfort, have been receiving reports of ruse burglaries. The following are tips from Frankfort Police that people can follow to avoid becoming victims:

  • Be aware of anyone coming to your door or approaching you for unsolicited business. Always keep the storm door locked.
  • When outside gardening, carry a house key in your pocket and keep the doors to the home locked. Have a cell phone handy to call 911 in case suspicious people approach you.
  • Take note of any suspicious vehicles in the area—cars, vans, trucks—particularly those with missing front and/or rear license plates or in bad condition with identifying business markings on the sides.
  • Request identification from anyone who approaches and tell them you will verify any work conducted in the area with the police.
  • Keep jewelry, cash and other valuables in a safe place, preferably a bank safety deposit box.
  • Ruse burglars are usually non-violent, but don’t confront them. If they’re inside your house, get to a phone and call 911. You don’t have to speak to the operator, just leave the phone off the hook.
  • Most ruse burglars are only in the house for five minutes or less. If you can’t get to a phone, try to get a license plate number and note the direction the offenders leave in. Call 911 immediately after they leave so police have a better chance of catching them.


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