Police: Matteson Man Caught With 17 Grams of Pot During Traffic Stop

Rajaee Neucke, 29, was charged with marijuana possession and various traffic offenses after a Frankfort Police officer uncovered two plastic bottles filled with pot in Neucke's trunk.

A Matteson man was arrested Wednesday when found about 17 grams of marijuana in two prescription-like bottles in the trunk of the man's car during a traffic stop, police said.

Rajaee Neucke, 29, of the 800 block of Carnation Lane in Matteson, was initially charged with possession of 2.5 grams or less of marijuana greater than and the manufacture and delivery of 2.5 grams or less of marijuana, which is a felony, according to Will County Sheriff's Office records. Those charges were later changed to possession of 10 to 30 grams of marijuana, which is Class A misdemeanor, according to Will County Circuit Court records.


Neucke also was charged with three traffic violations—driving with a loud muffler, improper lane use and driving with no rear light for the car's registration. His next court date is Aug. 15.

An officer stopped Neucke, who was driving a green Pontiac, near the intersection of Laraway Road and 104th Avenue early Wednesday morning, said Frankfort Police Deputy Chief Kevin Keegan. When the officer approached the vehicle, he smelled a strong marijuana odor and asked Neucke if he had been smoking pot, Keegan said. Neucke admitted to the officer that he had earlier in the evening, Keegan added.

After issuing traffic citations to Neucke, the officer asked Neucke if there was any pot in the car, Keegan said. Neucke denied having any marijuana and told the officer he could check the vehicle, Keegan said, adding that's when the officer found clear, plastic baggies filled with green flakes in the car's center console.


The officer then went to the rear of the Pontiac, where the pot odor was stronger and the smell of mothballs was present, Keegan said. Inside the trunk, the officer found two unlabeled, plastic bottles similar to prescription bottles that contained small baggies with a green, leafy substance in them, Keegan said. The officer also noticed a large plastic bag next to the bottles that had empty, smaller plastic bags inside it, Keegan said, adding that the bags were similar to the ones found in the bottles.

Neucke was arrested and brought to the , where the green, leafy substance was tested and determined to be marijuana, Keegan said. The large plastic bottle contained just more than 10 grams of pot, and the smaller bottle contained just more than 6 grams of the illegal drug, Keegan added.


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Black, dreads, cherry bomb in Frankfort will get you hassled.


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