New Lenox Cops Report Walmart Retail Theft Hat Trick

The New Lenox police charged three people with stealing from the New Lenox Walmart.

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

The New Lenox police had a busy Christmastime at Walmart, arresting three people around the holiday for allegedly stealing from the East Lincoln Highway superstore.

Much like the Ghost of Christmas Past, the first of the three alleged crooks appeared on Christmas Eve.

An officer sent to investigate a complaint of thievery made that night arrived at the Walmart shortly before 8. The officer was told a young woman "removed merchandise from the shelf, concealed it in a tote bag and left the store without paying for it," police said.

The woman, 19-year-old Laconda Downs of 311 Indianwood Blvd. in Park Forest, was taken into custody on a charge of retail theft. She was released after posting bond.

The police were back at Walmart two days later about 4 p.m. This time, an officer was told a woman "removed merchandise from the shelf, concealed it under her jacket and left the store without paying for it," police said.

The woman, Angelina Gallegos, 41, of 1314 Highland Ave. in Joliet, also was taken into custody. Like Downs, Gallegos was released after posting bond.

Not a half hour later, somebody else was up to no good at the Walmart, police said.

This somebody else was David Aguirre, 24, of 605 E. Mary Lane in Godley and he was taken into custody in connection with an alleged inside theft job.

An officer sent to the store was reportedly told that Aguirre, an employee of the megastore, "rang up gift cards and was using them personally," police said.

Aguirre also was released from custody after posting bond.

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