Near-Miss With Telephone Pole Doesn't Ruin Woman's White Castle Craving

Deobrah Grossheider was charged with driving under the influence of drugs after her car jumped the curb on her way home from the fast-food joint. That didn't stop her from eating her burger while an officer questioned her, police said.

Call it an appetite for near-destruction.

A Mokena woman who was stopped for almost hitting a telephone pole told police she drove to White Castle despite having taken a muscle relaxer and a painkiller beforehand because she was hungry and no one else in her house was awake.

Deborah L. Grossheider, 57, of the 19900 block of Anna Street, was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, improper lane use and driving off the roadway after an incident in the 10800 block of West La Porte Road, according to a report.

At 11:38 p.m., an officer responded to reports of an erratic driver in the area and observed Grossheider's maroon 1992 Dodge Spirit drifting over the solid yellow line for about 50 feet before sharply correcting to the right and jumping the curb with the two right tires. Grossheider continued to drive like this for about half a block with sparks coming from the vehicle's undercarriage, the report said, adding that she also nearly hit a telephone pole.

When the officer pulled Grossheider over and spoke to her, her speech was slurred, she seemed disoriented, and it took her more than a minute to find her driver's license despite passing over it several times, the report stated. She also was unable to provide proof of insurance.

Grossheider said she was returning home from , and she had a half-eaten hamburger in her hand that she continued to eat despite the officer's repeated requests to put it down, the report said. She told the officer that she had taken half a Norco, a prescription painkiller, and a Clonazepam, a prescription muscle relaxer, the report continued. When the officer asked if she should be driving on those medications, she told him that she was hungry and nobody was awake to get her food.

Grossheider was brought to the Mokena Police Department after failing several field sobriety tests, the report stated. During processing there, she also admitted to taking Ritalin earlier in the day, the report stated. Grossheider later became irate and refused to answer questions when she learned that her White Castle hamburgers had been left in her car when it was towed.

Grossheider posted $100 bail and was released. However, officers went to Grossheider's home shortly after she was let go, responding to a call from her husband, who said Grossheider began to rip out the home's basement pipes from the walls after she returned, the report stated.

Emergency workers from the who responded to this call examined Grossheider, but she refused further medical attention.

Her next court date is Oct. 12.

Frankfurter September 12, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Can't stop the crave!


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