More Joliet Women Arrested For Allegedly Stealing From New Lenox Walmart.

Even more Joliet women got caught stealing from the New Lenox Walmart, police said.

The police rounded up even more Joliet women for allegedly stealing from the New Lenox Walmart.

This time, on Friday, the cops showed up at the 501 E. Lincoln Highway Walmart shortly before 9:30 p.m. and were told two women "removed merchandise from the store without paying for it," police said.

The two women, Jessica Guzman, 18, of 503 Garnsey Ave. and Alexandria Curry, 20, of 327 N. Briggs St., were arrested and charged with retail theft.

Guzman and Curry were released from custody after posting bond.

The incident follows the recent arrests of two other Joliet women for allegedly stealing from the New Lenox superstore.

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