Frankfort Man Arrested Twice in One Night in Mokena

Police said Matthew M. Warner, 45, tussled with cops after his second arrest. He's charged with DUI, aggravated battery and felony criminal damage.

All in the matter of hours, a Frankfort man was arrested twice in Mokena on Dec. 16 and slapped with 13 offenses related to drunken driving, fighting and destruction of police property.

Police said they stopped a car in the 19900 block of LaGrange Road at 1:20 a.m. for squealing tires during a turn and swerving between lanes. Officers smelled alcohol, according to the report, and asked the driver if they knew why they stopped him—to which he replied, “Yeah, I was kind of all over the road.”

Matthew M. Warner, 45, of the 21300 block of Windy Hill Drive in Frankfort, was arrested, police said, after failing field sobriety tests and telling police he had mixed as many as five beers with unknown painkillers before getting behind the wheel.

On the way to the station, according to Mokena police, Warner made unsolicited remarks to officers, including: “All I do is have a few beers and then you guys can violate my civil rights, huh?” and “Is there anything you can do to help me out? I work for Frankfort just like you guys.”

His mood fluctuated between irate and uncooperative, police said, and he threatened to use his car in the future to ram squad cars if they didn’t let him go.

Warner was charged with driving under the influence, operation of uninsured motor vehicle, failure to signal, failure to yield to audible signal, failure to wear seat belt and two counts of improper lane usage.

He was also charged with two counts of failure to notify secretary of state change of address. But that wasn’t all.

After police refused to hand over the man's keys, an officer drove Warner to the Speedway gas station at Route 30 and Wolf Road to be picked up by a friend, according to police. Police said it took the threat of a Taser to get him to leave the police station.

After Warner got out of the squad car, a police officer felt his car shake, and he soon discovered a missing antenna. Police said Warner shoved the arresting officer in the chest and the two wrestled to the ground until backup arrived.

Warner was also charged with felony criminal damage to state-supported property, aggravated battery, resisting a peace officer and theft.

Jill December 30, 2011 at 08:53 AM
If the driver was THAT intoxicated, I'm wondering WHY the MPD turned him loose. He was obviously a threat to society at the moment. The MPD had to basically threaten him (with a taser) to agree to leave the station. Why couldn't they just let the guy sleep it off at the station? Did the cop intend to sit and wait for the man's ride to show up? Or was he going to drop him off and leave? Don't get me wrong here, I 110% do NOT support drinking and driving, or even just drinking to the point of stupidity, for that matter. I'm just wondering if this is standard proceedure relating to turning a drunk free.
Pat F December 31, 2011 at 09:01 PM
Have to agree with Jill.. They took the time to take him in to charge him with numerous violations, why let him walk away?? The same thing happened up North about a month ago..Woman was totally intoxicated and they dropped her off at a gas station.. She walked down the road right onto the expressway. She got run over and killed! If this is standard procedure then change it.. Don't release these drunks until a sober adult can pick them up..If no one's available, let him sleep it off in a cell..Seems to be the better solution for both parties!


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