Frankfort Man & Gal Pal Charged With Taking Mom's Credit Card

The man was living with his girlfriend at his mom's place in Frankfort when they were arrested. The mom believes the girlfriend is a bad influence on her boy.

Valerie Korte. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Valerie Korte. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
A Frankfort man and his girlfriend allegedly took his mother's credit card and used it at a local service station.

James Jacobsen, 41, and Valerie Korte, 28, were charged with the unlawful possession of another's credit card.

According to a petition for a protective order written by Jacobsen's mother, Beverly Hopkins, Will County detectives arrested her boy and Korte when they dropped by to show her surveillance photos from the Speedway on LaGrange Road in Frankfort.

When the law showed up, "my son James came out to calm down the dog," Hopkins, 66, wrote in her petition.

"The detectives recognized James as one of the persons from the Speedway photos," Hopkins wrote. "Shortly after Valerie Korte came out of the room as well. As I was looking at the pictures, I noticed the one with Valerie. In the third picture I noticed my son James was at the counter making purchases with one of the stolen debit/credit cards."

Hopkins identified the alleged credit card crooks, giving up her son and Korte to the cops. The couple was then carted off to the county jail. Korte is being held on $15,000 bond and Jacobsen on $25,000.

In her petition, Hopkins wrote that Korte has been living under her roof with Jacobsen since October.

"She has also stayed with us in the past," Hopkins wrote. "Valerie has been abusing prescription drugs, crack, heroin, marijuana. She drinks alcohol."

Hopkins only sought protection from Korte and blames her for the fix her son is in.

"Valerie is a bad influence on my son, James," Hopkins wrote. "Because of his relationship with Valerie, James does bad things he normally would not do if she was not around.

"I want this order of protection to keep Valerie out of my house," Hopkins wrote. "She only brings drama and trouble. Valerie cuts herself. I don't want her around my family."

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