Frankfort Cop's Felony Domestic Battery Trial Might Wrap Up Next Week

Three Mokena police officers testified Thursday and the trial may conclude after one more date next week.

Donald Walsh. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Donald Walsh. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
More than a year and a half after he was charged with beating his girlfriend in her Mokena home, a Frankfort cop's felony case may finally come to a close.

But Donald Walsh, 30, is stepping right into a new felony case—special prosecutor Dave Neal charged him with intimidation and telephone harassment during his last court appearance.

The new charges stem from a June 12, 2012, telephone call Walsh's then-girlfriend, Jillian Fredericks, secretly recorded. Walsh allegedly threatened Fredericks during the call. A month and a half later, Walsh was arrested for allegedly beating Fredericks.

Three Mokena police officers testified Thursday. All described injuries they observed on Fredericks. Two of the officers told of the injuries they saw on Walsh.

Neal has accused Walsh of showing up at Fredericks' bedside after he had been out drinking. Fredericks woke to Walsh holding her cell phone and demanding the pass code, Neal said, and when she refused to give it up he threatened her, then butted her with his head, punched her in the face and in the back of the head, and choked her.

Defense attorney Steven Haney has countered that Walsh was actually the victim. After Walsh climbed into bed with Fredericks, she began questioning him about another woman, Haney said. She then clawed his face and started "uncontrollably screaming at him."

The trial was scheduled to resume next week and is expected to finish after one more day.

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