Coyotes on the Prowl in Frankfort's Yankee Ridge Subdivision

As many as three coyotes have been seen at the same time in Frankfort's Yankee Ridge subdivision, a village trustee said.

A coyote near South Elsner Road. Credit: Sherry Ladislas
A coyote near South Elsner Road. Credit: Sherry Ladislas
A pack of at least three coyotes has been spotted lurking around Frankfort's Yankee Ridge subdivision, trustee R. Douglas Walker said during Tuesday night's village board meeting.

The Yankee Ridge Homeowner's Association has broadcast an alert about the coyotes, Walker said.

Walker said the animals have been seen in a group of three, in a pair and going about solo.

This is far from the first time coyotes have been spotted in Frankfort, but Walker noted that with them running together in such a large pack, they pose a danger to even larger dogs.

While coyotes are common in Illinois, they are mostly found in the southern, southeastern and west-central parts of the state, according to the state's Department of Natural Resources. But that doesn't mean there is any shortage of them in suburban and urban areas.

Coyotes "occasionally kill livestock, poultry, and domestic pets, especially where coyotes live in large numbers or in close association with people," the Department of Natural Resources said, but they do not often attack people.

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