Christmastime Car Burglaries in Frankfort Area

Christmas presents, textbooks and a Victoria's Secret sweater were lost in three car burglaries.

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

Car burglars struck the day before and the day after Christmas in the Frankfort area.

The Christmas Eve caper was in the 20000 block of South Grand Prairie Lane. The crook or crooks "broke into a vehicle and stole several Christmas presents including a new garage door opener, two woman's sweaters, and a charm for a bracelet," police said.

Two similar crimes were reported two days later.

In one, in the 21000 block of South 78th Avenue, someone "entered an unlocked vehicle and stole an I-Pass, phone charger, loose change, and assorted CD's," police said.

In the other, in the 21000 block of South 78th Avenue, a thief "entered a vehicle and stole four college textbooks, an iPod, an Xbox gaming system, and a Victoria Secret sweater," police said.

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