Chicago Couple Caught Passing Bad Checks With Fake IDs

Frankfort police arrested Craig and June Murillo, accusing them of passing a phony check to buy items at a drug store in Mokena.

A Chicago couple was arrested by Frankfort police Monday and accused of forging fake IDs to pass phony checks to area businesses, a police official said. 

Craig S. Murillo, 43, and June M. Murillo, 47, both of the 3700 bock of West Cullom Avenue in Chicago, were captured after Mokena police were contacted by an employee at the CVS on U.S. Route 30 and Wolf Road who discovered that the couple used a bad check to buy items at the drug store, said Frankfort Police Commander Kevin Keegan.

The Murillos were charged with felony counts of forgery, burglary, financial ID theft and making fake driver's licenses, according to the Will County Sheriff's Office. Carl Murillo also was arrested on two failure-to-appear warrants for traffic violations in Will and LaSalle counties, Keegan said.

Fleeing east on Route 30, a Frankfort officer pulled over the couple in their green Chevy Tahoe around LaGrange Road, Keegan said. The officer found that the driver, Craig, was driving with a revoked license. When he questioned June, the officer discovered a blank fradulent check she was trying to hide in her back pocket, Keegan added.

Numerous false IDs and blank fradulent checks were found in the Tahoe when officers took an inventory of the car before it was towed, Keegan said. 

"Both parties had been doing this for quite some time," he said, adding that items purchased with a fake check Monday from Kohl's in Frankfort also were found in the Tahoe.

Keegan said the Murillos had been using the fake IDs and checks at stores in Mokena and around the Chicago area, including JCPenney and Walmart in Matteson. He wasn't aware of the couple trying to pass bad checks at any other Frankfort business besides Kohl's.

As of Tuesday evening, the Murillos were still being held at Will County Jail. Bail was set at $1,400 for Craig; no bail had been set for June.


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