Gas Main Ruptures at Route 30 and 78th Ave.

Police and firefighters block off Route 30 in both directions as crews work to fix a busted gas main on the corner of Route 30 and 78th Ave.

Frankfort police and firefighters are on the scene of a gas main break in Frankfort Square, near the corner of Route 30 and 78th Avenue.

The gas main was spilling gas vapor into the air around 2 p.m., as first responders took control of the situation. It is unknown how or why the main broke, but authorities are working to stop the leak.

Traffic on Route 30 was blocked off in both directions as crews began work on the leak around 3:15 p.m.

Traffic will be blocked in both directions until Nicor can fix the leak, said Frankfort Fire Department Batallion Chief Sean Fierce.

Fierce added that the Nicor crew could fix the leak one of two ways: either by clamping the pipe at both ands and sealing the leak or simply by patching the leak.

A firefighter on the scene said that Nicor was opting for the clamping method and that it could be "a few hours," before work was completed.

The leak has not reached combustible levels, and the department is closely monitoring it

"It's no danger to anyone," Fierce said. "We have a monitor in there, we're watching it. We just don't want anyone driving by and flicking a cigarette near it."

Witnesses at the scene said road crews were leveling dirt in the area of the gas main when it burst, although the fire department could not pinpoint the cause of the burst.

Stay tuned to Patch for updates.

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