You are never too busy to take Care of Your Child's Health

Being a single mother, you have a lot of things to manage at once--from the bills, to dinner, to after school activities, and of course your children's health. At times this may all seem overwhelming; you wonder how you can possibly do everything that is expected of you without help from others. Well moms, managing your children's health is not as difficult as it may appear to be. 

Yes, kids will be kids, and yes there are factors that may be out of your control, but taking little steps can improve the well-being of your children.

First, it is important to teach children at a young age that the world is not clean and that there are such things as germs. Now that does not mean terrifying the children by the idea of the germs, but more so explaining to them how hand washing after using the restroom, and how not sharing beverages with their friends and classmates will keep them healthy, and in return allow them to be able to play and have fun. The ability to play when they are healthy is encouraging to them, and will want them to follow the directions you have asked of them.

Secondly, there is a reason why winter jackets are called just that. When you notice the weather outside has become chilly, it is time to pull out those heavy jackets, no matter how much complaining you may have to endure. Along with the jackets make sure the children have their mittens, scarves, and ear muffs. Also, it does not hurt to invest in the yearly flu shot for the kids. Being in a classroom surrounded by 20-30 other children, there is bound to be one or two who have the flu virus spreading around. Though these are such a simple steps, they will help the children's health through the winter. 

These two steps may seem minimal but there effects will make a difference when it comes to your children's health. 

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