Can Frankfort Support Another Grocery Store?

Now that Mariano's Fresh Market is coming to town, is there room for a fifth grocer? What do you think about the stores that are already in town? Which one is your favorite? Take our polls and share your thoughts in the comments section.

, readers have been wondering one thing:

Is this too many grocery stores for the village?

READ: Catch Up on Patch's Coverage of the New Store in the Mariano's Section

Mariano's will join , , and , and the five grocers will be located within a mile of one another. That's not counting Berkot's and Brookhaven in Mokena and Target's grocery store in Tinley Park.

Can a village Frankfort's size support all these stores?

We've added that question to one we previously asked readers about where they shopped for their groceries in Frankfort. Take both of our polls and share your thoughts in the comments section.

The following was originally published Jan. 24

, now seemed like the perfect time to see where you like to do your grocery shopping.

The village has four traditional grocery stores for residents to choose from, but most people usually have a preference. For instance, in our Patch Places business directory, one reader gave a four-star rating, while another reader, , gave a single star because he objected to its child labor violations from 2009.


Now, it's your turn: Write a review for your favorite—or least favorite—Frankfort grocer in our business directory. Here are the stores we list:

And you don't have to stop with grocery stores. You also can write reviews for other shops and services in the community. Remember: Your review is giving advice to other readers look to make an educated choice on how to spend their shopping dollars.


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