POLL: Is Frankfort Teen's Apology Too Little, Too Late?

Raihan Sayeed, on probation for reckless driving, was denied his request to go to the Grammy Awards because he hadn't sent apology letters to the couple he injured, reports said. He then e-mailed the Chicago Tribune to say he was sorry.

Earlier this week, a judge denied a Frankfort teen on probation for reckless driving his request to go to the Grammy Awards because the 19-year-old hadn't sent apologies to the couple seriously injured after he ran a stop sign in Mokena three years ago, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

On Thursday, Raihan "Ray" Sayeed, now a sophomore at Loyola University, sent an e-mail to the Tribune saying he was sorry and that his apology letters weren't sent by his probation officer despite being completed three days after his sentencing in November.

Here's some of what Sayeed wrote in his e-mail according to the report:

I am truly and sincerely sorry for what had happened almost three years ago, and will forever be. I hope that the (injured family) can know the truth of why it took me so long to give an apology and how I was ordered not to make any contact until (a judge) said to do so.

I hope they can find it in their heart to forgive me and to see that I am truly sorry. I was sorry from the second it happened and I have been remorseful every single day and will be forever.

The couple, Gerald and Marybeth Ryan, suffered multiple serious injuries after Sayeed's car T-boned the Ryans' vehicle, the report stated. Marybeth had a lacerated liver and bile duct; broken facial bones, ribs and arm; and partially severed tongue, the Tribune reported.

Sayeed appeared before a Will County judge Monday asking for permission to attend this weekend Grammys, as well as to take four or five vacations with his family, the Tribune stated.

YOUR TURN! Do you think Sayeed's being punished for his probation officer's mistake? Or is Sayeed's e-mail apology, which went to a newspaper and not the couple, is a day late and a dollar short? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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