Hey Mom and Dad: At What Age Should Girls Be Allowed to Wear Makeup?

Middle school, high school or never? What's your take?

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Young ladies have been sneaking makeup past their parents for generations. They'll wait to get to school to put it on, and wipe it clean away before they dare step back in the house. It's an issue that's not likely to go away any time soon.

That got us wondering ... when should girls have to stop sneaking around? 

What's an appropriate age for young ladies to be allowed to wear makeup?

Susan Irvine Dudik: Ok, thanks. I started sneaking makeup at age 8 or 9, but my 12-year-old stepdaughter is still uninterested. So it depends on the kid. But makeup out of the house, worn to school? High school, I think. Junior high if she wants to cover up zits or something. —on Homewood-Flossmoor Patch Facebook

Rebecca Roark Cavins: Jr high, lip gloss and maybe a little mascara or concealer if needed on occasion might be acceptable...but full face makeup not till High School . But its important to teach our daughters that beauty doesn't come from makeup and their made up face doesn't define them. they should be equally comfortable to go out fresh faced as well. Make up is just like a nice accessory when dressing up. —on Homewood-Flossmoor Patch Facebook

Frank J Casella: I don't have a daughter, only ( teenage ) sons. But if I did have a daughter I would say it depends on why she would want to wear makeup, in the first place. Just like I tell my sons to respect a woman / young lady for who she is as a person. .. short of the long ... I think there are too many young girls who believe they have to wear makeup because of acceptance from men / their father.  —on Homewood-Flossmoor Patch Facebook

Christine Chayka Lynch: ... It's teaching them to wear it correctly and I think starting with baby steps. Some lip gloss, then add a little mascara, then eyeliner, etc. I think whenever you flat out forbid something and don't "compromise" with your child, you are going to have a kid like me who went to her friends house before school and put makeup on. I'm sure I looked like a clown. —on New Lenox Patch Facebook

Andrea Ramos-Espinosa: I agree teen yrs. & hopefully when you have helped her establish the confidence to wear it for a 'little' extra sparkle, not to define or recreate her! —on Frankfort Patch Facebook

Jeff Carpenter: past teenage years---girls should focus on brains, kindness, natural and spiritual beauty —on Palos Patch Facebook

Alexander Cervera: Bill Cosby said 15 —on Chicago Heights Patch Facebook

Mike Houston: For my girls, when im dead —on Oak Forest Patch Facebook

Catherine Sabeckis Casper: When they get to the age they realize makeup is not what makes them beautiful. Its should be used as an enchancer. —on Oak Forest Patch Facebook

Jennifer Jacobsen Fisher: Depends on how your daughter handles herself and presents herself... but 13 was a good start to teach. I have 5 daughters and because the 1st graders watch their big sisters.. I let them put on clear lip gloss/flavored chapstick... no harm —on Tinley Park Patch Facebook

Beth Kinnerk McKernan: I told my daughter that makeup is to enhance, not recreate! A lil bit of mascara & sheer lip gloss. I cannot believe the amount of mascara some girls wear.....thanks Kardashians! If the thought of a rainy day makes a girl nervous, she's probably wearing too much Don't even get me going in the foundation! Whoa! Tan face, white neck! —on Tinley Park Patch Facebook

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