We are concerned residents of the Marilyn Estates
subdivision, the Mokena side of Wolf Road. 
The grass area between the street and walking trail on along Wolf Road
North of the CN railroad tracks has not yet been mowed this season by the
Village of Frankfort Streets Department. 
This area has historically been omitted from the first cut that took
place south of the tracks several weeks ago. 
We are wondering why this is the norm for our area.  This trail is highly traveled by the
residents of Frankfort as well as Mokena! 
Not only is this unsightly, but a safety hazard as the fire hydrants
that can protect our community are buried under 3 feet of grass.

When voicing our concerns this week to the Village Street
Department, we are told,” it has been raining” and “we will be there in a week
to 10 days”.  Last year, they delayed the
cut so long that the grass clippings were left on the adjacent park way to the
trail, on the street, as well as blocking the water drainage areas. 

Well, this is not acceptable.  Thank you for hearing our concern.

lala June 07, 2014 at 09:54 PM
Go to a village board meeting and get the media involved! Shame with all the property taxes that are shelled out to these villages. Always the alternative of cutting it yourselves.


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