Moraine Valley to Raise Student Fees

Student fees at Moraine Valley Community College will increase, beginning in the fall.

Student fees at will increase, beginning in the fall, after the Board of Trustees approved a construction/infrastructure improvement fee on February 22 during its regular monthly meeting.

The $8 per credit hour fee increase will be earmarked for capital projects to offset the lack of the state appropriation for capital projects over the past several years, according to Andrew Duren, executive vice president of Administrative Services. A number of community colleges in Illinois already assess a student fee for construction, renovation and repairs, he said.

The proceeds from the $8 fee will be used for new construction, renovation of existing facilities, parking lot improvements, roof replacements and general campus upkeep. Duren said the first project using proceeds from the $8 fee will be the proposed Health Education and Wellness Center.

Beginning with the fall 2012 semester, the total fee will be $17 per credit hour. Tuition and fees will be $121 per credit hour ($104 for tuition and $17 for fees) for 2012-13.

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Bob February 29, 2012 at 01:36 PM
Fortunately, we found out about this "JC construction corruption act" and contacted each sponsor of the bill and demanded the BOard justify this student ripoff for their political friends. The bill was quickly changed to allowing JCs to provide emergency shelter during a community emergency. It seem like the dirty deals at MVCC and their questionable realtionships with local contractors hasn't changed. At MVCC, dirty politics always wins, and the students always lose! It's time for a change. I hope some good people challenge this group in the 2013 elections!
Opinion 1 February 29, 2012 at 04:25 PM
As a parent of a student at MVCC - I can only state that my college student receives excellent instruction, is moving forward to receive an associates degree and will be quite prepared for university. As much as I value opinions - we must understand that every educational entity is raising fees for a variety of reasons = grants not available, state funding is over 6 years in the rears, expansion costs are on the rise due to material, etc. As much as I would not like to have fees raised; it is what it is. Who should be blame for other increases in the country like gas, food, etc? Let's think straight about this!
Bob February 29, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Why President Obama, Guv Pat Quinn, and Harry Reid, of course!LOL Seriously, it's time that the press took a serious look at the way MVCC spends its money, as it should for state universities as well. I taught about 8 classes at MVCC, and I can tell you that the quality of instruction (and instructors) at MVCC is FAR better than what I received in the first two years at U of I (Urbana). MVCC has instructors with at least Masters anddecades of experience and WANT to teach, unlike U of I where you're more likely than not to have a 22 year old graduate student who's never taught before, doesn't WANT to teach, and often can't speak English!
Bob February 29, 2012 at 05:15 PM
One thing I discovered while reviewing the U of I budget was the remarkably LOW amount it actually spent on instruction. Only 40% of expenditures at U of I go to educate students. There's an awful lot of parasites feeding from the higher ed trough in Illinois. How much does it cost MVCC for each student credit hour? They don't say. What percentage of MVCC expenditures go for instruction? Good luck finding that out. My opinion is that cutting out all of these building "boondoggles" should occur before raising fees, and students should be able to approve or disapprove of these fees if the adminstration can't make the case that it's worth the cost to them. THAT's why we need Board members that care more about the students than feeding the SW Cook construction patronage industry!
Back To Work Illinois February 29, 2012 at 09:16 PM
If local educational institutions and other community entities across Illinois are looking for ways to fund capital projects, they should consider the state’s Video Gaming Act (VGA). The largest source of funding for the $31 billion capital projects plan introduced in 2009, the VGA offers municipalities the choice to generate substantial alternative revenue for local projects and priorities. Specifically, in municipalities that decide not to ban gambling, the state will collect a 30 percent tax of the net income generated by video gaming terminals before redistributing one sixth of that amount into that municipality’s general fund. The final amount—$776,250 annually for Orland Park—can wind up playing a significant role in how local capital projects are funded. To learn more about the VGA and the Illinois capital plan, please visit www.backtoworkillinois.com.


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