Frankfort Among Safest Cities In Illinois

Writers at a home security website took a look at towns with populations greater than 5,000, and analyzed FBI crime statistics. Find out how Frankfort fared.

Residents of Frankfort live in a village with a crime rate that land its among the safest hometowns in the state. 

Writers at home security website Safewise.com dug into FBI statistics for towns with populations over 5,000. They then tabulated the number of violent crimes (aggravated assault, forcible rape, murder, robbery) and property crimes (arson, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft) and calculated the chance of these crimes happening out of 1,000.

The Village of Frankfort ranked number 41 in its listing of safest cities in Illinois.  To make the list, a city had to have a population of over 5,000 as of 2012 and needed to meet criteria regarding both violent and property crimes according to FBI statistics from 2012.

"(Frankfort) stays up to date when it comes to public safety and security," the article reads.  It continued "that impressive record helps Frankfort put on year-round community events … where citizens and visitors can relax and have a good time without worrying about criminal activity."

“Our police department works very hard on safety and security for our residents.  They are constantly looking for ways to improve communication to our residents to increase their efforts for a safe community,” said Frankfort’s Mayor Jim Holland.

See the rest of the top finishers. 


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