Children For Lincoln-Way Left Behind? Plug Pulled On Go Fund Me Page

A Joliet group's Go Fund Me Page to raise a legal war chest in hopes of sending their children to New Lenox high schools has been taken down.

What happened to the Children for Lincoln-Way Go Fund Me page? Credit: Getty
What happened to the Children for Lincoln-Way Go Fund Me page? Credit: Getty
The web page set up by a group of Joliet resident's looking for donations to wage a legal battle in hopes of sending their children to New Lenox high schools has vanished.

As recently as Wednesday, the Children for Lincoln-Way Go Fund Me page was active and accepting cash for the group's cause. But by Thursday, after a Patch story on the fundraising effort, linking to the web address yields the message, "Page not found."

When the page was still active, it solicited donations to offset legal costs for an anticipated fight to send Joliet children to Lincoln-Way high schools.

"We are a community where our children attend New Lenox grade schools and then are required to attend a Joliet High School," the site said.

"We are looking for donations to help fund our legal fees as we go through this process," it said. "Our children deserve to stay with their peers as they continue their education."

The Children for Lincoln-Way Go Fund Me goal was $20,000. By the time the page was taken down the group had raised $420.

Children for Lincoln-Way still has an active Facebook page. Messages sent through Facebook and to the organizers of the Go Fund Me Page—when it was still active—were ignored.

A woman who left a comment on the Go Fund Me page, Sarah Pandolfi, said Wednesday she would call to discuss the effort but did not.

On the Go Fund Me page, Pandolfi wrote, "Thanks to all who have donated the additionl (sic) 20 is from my 3 girls who are happy we are all doing this for them."

The Facebook page said it was "created to provide information to residents of NeuFairfield, Weston Way, the Highlands and residents on Golf Road and Route 6 regarding changing the High School District."

Lincoln-Way High School District spokeswoman Stacy Holland said the subdivisions would have to be annexed into the district for the students to attend Lincoln-Way schools.

"It's a whole long process, and the process runs through the superintendent," Holland said.

If the group succeeds in getting annexed by the Lincoln-Way High School District, the residents will have to pay the district's taxes and "Joliet stands to lose that tax base," Holland said.

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