VIDEO: Mamma Rosetta's Gelateria Serves Healthy and Tasty Treats

Find out why you can't call gelato Italian ice cream, and watch owner Mark Munizzo explain why he decided to open up Mamma Rosetta's Gelateria.

Ever since opened its doors on Sept. 1, 2011, before the , owner Mark Munizzo has corrected customers when they call his gelato "Italian ice cream."

"People think we're kind of snooty, but it has to have ten percent or higher milk fat to be called ice cream," Munizzo said. "We don't approach anywhere near that at the 1 to 3 percent level."

Outside of that small correction, Mamma Rosetta's could not be more welcoming to customers when they walk up from the patio into the brick layered shop, which is alongside the Old Plank Road bike trail next to the . Customers choose between gelato, sorbetto, pastries and espresso, while a miniature train rides around the perimeter of the store.

Who Works There?

Owner - Munizzo fell in love with the property several years ago. He was previously in the real estate business, but now is completely invested in his gelateria with a "75-year-plan" for Mamma Rosetta's. Watch the video above for an explanation of why Munizzo opened the store.

"Mamma Rosetta is a real person, unlike some of the names out there in the culinary world," Munizzo said of his mother-in-law. Rosetta grew up on a vineyard in Cicala. All of the pastry recipes, and some of the gelato ones, are her authentic creations.

Employees - The workers at Mamma Rosetta's, while mainly teenagers, are "very well trained," according to Munizzo. "I want them to be happy, because I think that translates to the people that come through the door," he said.

"When I first started working here I really liked the environment and feel of the place," said employee Samantha Sanchez.

What Makes the Gelateria Special? - Mamma Rosetta's has more than 1,100 flavors and counting at its shop. Yet, that has not stopped them putting individual quality foremost. "Each one is made in small batches here," said Munizzo of their products. "We don't believe in mass production law."

Plans for the Future - "We're like a juggler in a circus," Munizzo explained. "Our goals are to maintain the quality that we have while adding new things." Some of those "new things" include pastry chefs who will start with the company shortly using Mama Rosetta's recipes. Also, they eventually plan to add panini sandwiches and other authentic Italian items. "They will be at their absolute best originality, or we're not going to do them," Munizzo said.

What is your favorite flavor of gelato? Tell us in the comments below.

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