Update on the Mariano's Fresh Market Development

Find out all of the progress the Village Board made at its bi-weekly meeting on Monday, July 23.

The Village of Frankfort is trying everything they can to keep the development of Mariano's Fresh Market continually moving.

On Monday, July 23, the Village adopted a resolution authorizing the execution of a First Ammendment to Mariano's Fresh Market Re-Development Agreement between the Village of Frankfort and Bradford Equities LLC.

"We became aware in the final negotiations between the developer and the current land owner that there was an issue with guaranteeing the land installation timing of the stop lights that need to be installed to access the area," Trustee Doug Walker said. "So, the Village has stepped up to backstop that portion of the agreement." The Village will be "on the hook" for penalty provisions if that light is not installed.

As part of that negotiation, the Village moved the penalty date from August 1, 2013 to November 1, 2013. The penalty is a maximum of $12,000 a month until the stoplights are installed. However, Mariano's has to be open for service by June 1, 2013 to qualify for that date.

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Next, the Board passed a motion to create a new public road that would connect U.S. Route 45 to Mariano's. The project will be done by Burns & McDonnell Engineering, and cost $74,654.40 for their engineering services.

Finally, the Mariano's discussion concluded with the Board approving plats of abrogation, dedication, consolidation and easement.

The Plan Commision and Village Board previously approved the Final Plat of Bradford Frankfort Subdivision. With that in mind, the Village allowed Bradford to cancel existing easements, plan out new uses of the land, dedicate ROW for the new public street connecting U.S. Route 45 to Mariano's and consolidate the existing parcels into one parcel.



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