Frankfort Faces: Greg Zibricky Writes Fiscal Guide for Parents With Autistic Children

Zibricky used his professional and personal experiences as a financial adviser and father of an autistic son to write a book to help other parents deal with the economic realities of raising a child with the disorder.

Greg Zibricky and his wife, Dawn, found out their then-3-year-old son Aaron was diagnosed with autism 15 years ago. Over the following years, the Zibrickys navigated the challenges that come with raising an autistic child, from managing therapy appointments to managing health insurance. So Zibricky took those experiences and his 27 years as a certified financial adviser and president of Frankfort's to .

"Families have enough coming at them whether their kids are 3, 13 or 23, that it's very oppressive for them to think, 'I have to see an attorney.' 'I have to see a financial adviser," said Zibricky, a New Lenox resident. "I wanted them to have a real-life guide to kind of give them a jump-start. ... If a family has access to this material, that cuts down the amount of insecurity and the amount of unknowns they have."

His book is on sale at bookstores and online outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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