Energy Nutrition Makes Organic Additions for Fitness Buffs

The health and nutrition shop now offers a new organic smoothie bar and health coaching, two more ways the business helps customers keep a healthy lifestyle.

already carried everything from sports supplements to beauty products in their store. With the addition of health coaching and an organic smoothie bar to their menu, it has essentially become a utopia for fitness fanatics.

In January of 2011, Mikor and his brother-in-law, Tom McAcy, opened their doors to a healthy lifestyle to Frankfort residents. "Together we built a nutrition store that addresses health from every angle," Mikor said.

Despite being tucked away in the Frankfort Town Center strip mall , Mikor has been pleased with business.

"Frankfort residents have supported us tremendously well," he said.

Organic Smoothie Bar: There are more than 20 selections to choose from at the new Organic Smoothie Bar from Purple Tongue to Mango Dandelion. The items on the menu offer a plethora of health benefits.

"We had a large amount of our customers requesting that we add organic vegetables to our smoothies," said owner Erik Mikor on why Energy Nutrition added the bar to their menu. "So of course we did, because we sell our smoothies for the true nutritional value, not to make a quick buck."

The store incurs a high fee for having organic fruits and vegetables delivered to its doors every Thursday. Energy Nutrition spends hours cleaning and prepping the fruits and veggies.

Health Coaching: "I have a large number of customers that come into my store to try and take a proactive approach towards their health, but are not sure where to start," Mikor said. "I have decided to take it one step further by offering a program that will walk people through how to incorporate these products into their life effectively."

Mikor recently graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program, where he learned nearly 100 different dietary theories. The health coaching that Energy Nutrition will offer is different than a dietician or nutritionist.

"It's about coaching an individual through a six-month program, where I will integrate healthier choices through education," Mikor said. "My program is designed to walk side-by-side with a client, and integrate healthier, cleaner diet choices through a six-month program that will educate and teach them each step of the way."

Throughout the half-year process, a pro-active health program will be implemented that is intended to prevent illness by making healthier food choices. Mikor, who will be doing all of the health coaching of clients himself, has a large network of wellness practitioners and trainers that he works with to help with incorporating healthier activities and body maintenance. Once the six-month period is over, Mikor believes that his clients will be able to go out and live a healthy lifestyle without his aid.


Who Works There? When customers walk into Energy Nutrition, they will always either see Mikor or McAcy working inside giving the "highest quality service possible." They try their hardest to accommodate every one of their customer's needs. "In remote circumstances we have even referred them to other local health store that carry the product they are in need of," Mikor said. "We truly have our customers needs as our highest priority."

Owner: Michor had dreamed of opening up a nutrition shop since he was 15 years old. "I enjoy helping people feel better about themselves and enjoying a higher quality of life," said Mikor, a Frankfort native. "My wife is a nurse, and although I do not save people's lives, I strive to help them avoid illness as much as possible."

Employees: When Michor is not manning the shop, he gets help from McAcy and his mother, Debbie.

"Tom is to be solely credited for our uniquely tasting wheat grass, raw organic kombucha tea brewed in-store and water kefir," Mikor said. "My mom, Debbie, spends hours preparing all of our fresh organic fruit and vegetables and is in charge of all of our events."

Connecting with Customers via Social Media: Energy Nutrition's Facebook page has more than 2,500 "likes," and posts health tips on their Twitter handle a few times a week. The company is also active on Google+, as well as Pinterest.

Energy Nutrition also offers a text messaging and e-mail program for the latest health news and deals from its store.

Plans for the Future: "I plan to grow our smoothie bar along with incorporating unconventional products that yield high health benefits, such as raw Komucha teas, organic wheat grass, water kefir and some other products in the works that I plan to incorporate," Mikor said.

What is your favorite smoothie from Energy Nutrition? Will you try its new health coaching? Tell us in the comments.


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