Video: Hot or Not? Pole Cats Spin Through Tinley

It's all about the twirl, ladies. Judge the second consecutive Midwest pole-dancing competition for yourself. Watch these video clips from the weekend's festivities at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

Whether to the soothing sounds of piccolos or the rhythmic beats of techno music, women from all walks of life showcased their pole spins over the weekend right here in .

All were part of the three-day Second Annual Great Midwest Pole Dancing Competition and Convention held Friday to Sunday at the .

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Hosted by Mary Ellyn Weissman, owner of Midwest Pole Dancing: Empowerment Through Exotic Dance in Chicago Heights, rookies and elite dancers alike took to the stage to show off their athleticism and style for the judges.

"It's amazing, the strength these women have, even those who are 61 years old," Weissman said on Saturday afternoon. "Prepare to be blown away."

Pole dancing has become a fitness craze, and Weissman offers lessons in the south suburbs in Chicago Heights and Frankfort. 

Want to Know More? Check out last year's hot or not video! 

Be sure to visit us again tomorrow for a glimpse at the master's division, which includes women 40 years old and older. See if you can guess how old our featured competitors are.

Titan Dad September 04, 2012 at 03:44 AM
change your title to mrs. 406 b.c. you crabby old cheese bag!
Bridget September 04, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Well, we don't want to assume anything, but if I had a degree, I certainly wouldn't be taking my clothes off for money. What these woman do does require some athleticism; holding your body weight on those poles isn't easy, I'm sure. But a sport? No way. I think it's funny that everyone tries to judge you though, Mrs. 406. I wonder if these people would allow their children to watch the "vertical dance" portion of the Olympics, allow strippers to participate in "bring your kid to work day" or personally take their children to a strip club as a field trip. There's a reason you have to be a certain age to watch this stuff; it's because it's inappropriate! I wonder what they would say if their child told them they're aspiring to be a stripper.
Russ September 04, 2012 at 03:24 PM
judging on athleticism and talent using the pole as an apparatus ; 1=not , funky floor exercise 2=hot ++ great athleticism and form 3=hot 4=hot on pole a little weak on the floor 5=hot 6= not, cute dance but not much on the pole 7=not, pole was a dance partner 8=hot cool twirl 9=not,again nothing shown on pole but interesting dance routine
Mary Ellyn Weissman September 27, 2012 at 02:00 PM
This particular event was NOT intended to be a sport. It was a dance contest! Did you see the pole dance duo take first place on So You Think You Can Dance last week? Or go to the semi finals on America's Got Talent earlier this year? Pole Sport is different from what you've seen here - which most people wouldn't understand becuase they haven't seen it - despite the fact that they feel they can judge it. Stripping is taking your clothes off...several people making comments obviously have not been to a strip club. Were some of the moves sexy? Yep....so are many other styles of dance. Listen to the cheering on So You Think You Can Dance when the sexy dancers are on the stage. Look at the outfits in ballroom and other dance competitions, even in figure skating which allude to nudity with their sheer designs fashioned in nude tone colors. Have you seen the way people dance at weddings and bars? There is nothing wrong with embracing the sensual side of life. As for education - yes many hold degrees and profesional careers. I'm a registered nurse and run a business/investing firm with my husband. My sons, who help at the event, are working on their veterinary and psychology degrees. My husband who co-owns the business has 2 bachelors, 2 masters and his doctorate. One of the dancers you saw is finishing up her doctorate now and many others have degrees. In my studio I have doctors, attorneys, teachers, police officers, and more ranging in ages from 18 - 68 years old.
Mary Ellyn Weissman September 27, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Carrie...did you ever follow up with an article about the Masters division or video coverage of the over 40 age group in the competition? If so please link it as I can't find that story. Thank you!


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