Did Real Trace Adkins Really Punch New Lenox Fake Trace Adkins?

Wait a minute ... did Fake Trace Adkins take a punch or not?

The Real Trace Adkins. Credit: Getty Images
The Real Trace Adkins. Credit: Getty Images
A few days ago places like WJOL and TMZ were saying country singer Trace Adkins punched a Trace Adkins impersonator during a karaoke performance on a cruise ship.

WJOL even said the Trace Adkins impersonator is from New Lenox and identified him as a guy named Mike Larsen.

But now, Patch commenter Sue Brat Kee Ashe has put it out there that Real Trace Adkins didn't actually punch Fake Trace Adkins after all. This is what Sue Brat Kee Ashe had to say about it: "You need to get your facts straight here, the (sic) Mike Larsen is an annoying jerk who thinks he is Trace, wants to be Trace and was signing autographs with Trace's name. NOT COOL! Mike Larsen is a long time joke to all the Illinois fans and I am sure beyond that too. Trace did not punch the guy."

Ms. Brat Kee Ashe even included a link to a Radio.com story to back up some of her claims. The story cited a supposed eyewitness to the incident who conceded there was a "confrontation" but said no punches were thrown.

The story said the witness "seemed to think part of the breaking point for Adkins may have been that the impersonator—who is still unnamed—had taken to signing autographs with a 'mock Trace Adkins autograph,' a signature that looked very much like that of the real 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk' singer."

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Patch reader January 18, 2014 at 11:04 PM
That's awesome


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