Loud Concert Noise Continues to Plague New Lenox Despite Mayor's Outreach

On the final night of the three-day Electric Daisy Carnival at Joliet's Chicagoland Speedway, concert promoters seemed to ignore requests as well as an early statement on their own Facebook page to be respectful of its neighbors.


The late night and early morning vibrations from bass-thumping tunes played at the Electric Daisy Carnival May 26 have sparked the ire of residents especially from New Lenox but also Mokena, Frankfort, Lockport and Homer Glen. 

The three-day celebration over the Memorial Day weekend in the Lincoln-Way communities has been marred by persistent disturbance caused by the EDC. New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann today said he met Sunday with EDC promoters, Joliet police and Chicagoland Speedway officials to discuss the noise issue further.

Despite the personal visit, the music Sunday night and into the wee hours of the morning was boosted to levels that some say echo the eardrum-bursting levels of May 24.

Baldermann offered this promise:

"I'm going to make sure that all of the concerns of our residents are expressed to Joliet city officials. We won't let our quality of life be negatively impacted by an event like this again."

Here are some reaction posts on New Lenox Patch Facebook:

·  Day 3 at 10:55 pm: our house is vibrating. We are about 8-1/2 miles northwest of this concert catastrophe, on the southern edge of Lockport...Oops! Northeast... I think the vibrating is affecting my brain waves...

·  Wow ....still going strong@ 12:41

·  Ridiculous

·  I heard this is coming back for the next 3 years. I don't like to think of myself as an old prude, but till 4 am 3 nights in a row??? It's extremely inconsiderate. Thankfully my kids are somehow sleeping through this. Of course, they'll be up @ 6 am and I'll have slept for 2 whole hours. UGH!

· I didn't hear it on Friday night with everyone else. Tonight, it's loud!

·  Well it is over and it was a BLAST, Sander Van Doorn rocked it and DJ Tiesto makes me jump till my legs hurt lol. 3 nights shouldn't cause this much 'ouch' from people, others have things to do too and EDC was respectful with their response to concerns

·  Ummm...EDC why do u wait until 12:30 am -1 am to decide to increase volume past two nights? Also, why do other concert venues have to abide by ending by midnight @ the latest but you can go to 4 am? Noise level on Fri. was a 10, Sat./Sun. after midnight it's 9.

.  How many people like the idea of another 4 years of this Electric Daisy Carnival going on with the loud bassy music till 4am for 3 days straight ??

. The music tonight is even worse than the last 2

On Sunday, Baldermann said he was assured a seat at the table with Joliet city officials to talk about the problems with the noise level. A tour of the concert set-up revealed that one of the problems is the state set-up. The venue has several stages, but one in particular is pointed in the direction of New Lenox. Promoters told him that problem would be rectified in the future.


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Bryan H May 29, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Well the stage direction will be fixed. the promoters that do this event have been doing longer then everyone out there. He will make sure to address those issues. and I was on the low end of spending. Either way its more $ then you would have without.
Bryan H May 29, 2013 at 05:01 PM
umm there is residential areas need the vegas speedway, they just deal with it for 3 days.
Thanks Joliet May 29, 2013 at 05:10 PM
and Joliet is >40 miles from downtown Chicago. hmm...
NLMom May 29, 2013 at 05:50 PM
I don't consider the 30 somethings old. Now you're going to say older people can't have jobs? You just want it all. Do you want their life savings too? Are you entitled to that?
Monica Moni Hurley May 30, 2013 at 05:25 AM
ALL of u NL people are just mad because JOLIET made the Money!!!! That's all it boils down to!! You are all a bunch of snooty snobs!!! If its not about you or something you like or can benefit from, then u do this...COMPLAIN!!! LET JOLIET HAVE THIS!!!! You all complain that Joliet is nothing but gangs, violence, and murders....WELL THIS HAD NONE OF THAT!!!!! So just STOP COMPLAINING!!! Because no matter what you say or do, if JOLIET made the Money that they expected to make from this or more for that matter...and if JOLIET wants EDC back....Then EDC WILL BE BACK!!!!! No Petitions, complaints, etc. can stop JOLIET from doing what JOLIET wants to do!!! New Lenox is just Jealous because FINALLY JOLIET has something GOOD going for them!!! Like most people in this blog/forum has said......GET OVER IT...ITS 3 DAYS OUT OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!!!! Lets see how much you...or for that matter... JOLIET complains about YOUR RACES that come here EVERY Month of the Summer for a whole weekend!!! The Races clutter the roads with traffic EVERYWHERE....But do u see us "JOLIET PEOPLE" complaining?!?!? NO!!!! I am a person who works midnights and u say well the races end at 10-11pm. OK...But while the races are making their "NOISE" from 11am until 10pm. I AM TRYING TO SLEEP for my JOB!!!!!! But I don't go around complaining to every police dept. and news station!!! Plain and simple....IF ITS NOT SUMTHING YOU NEW LENOX PEOPLE LIKE OR ARE NOT BENEFITTING FROM....YOU ARE SOME GROUCHY, SNOBBY COMPLAINERS!!!!! POINT BLANK...PERIOD!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!


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