Have a Great Date Without Breaking the Bank This Valentine's Day

Here are some tips for being thrifty but creative this year.

For those of you paying attention, this coming Thursday is Feb. 14. And, in case you started the year with an undated planner, that means that Thursday is Valentine's Day. If you are celebrating with a loved one, that celebration does not have to be expensive. And, if you are celebrating with your own fabulous self this year, we have some ideas for that too.

With Your Loved One

  • Decorate Your Space: Use what you already have in your house. We like the idea to make an origami heart with wings. Don't have that much time on your hands? Cut out simple hearts and cover the kitchen table or couch or the foot of the bed.
  • Have a Game Night: You probably already have board games in your home. Take one out and have a game night. 
  • Go Outside: Take a walk, go to a playground and swing on the swings, wait until the nighttime and gaze at the stars. Yes, it's cold outside, but that's an excuse to cuddle up on the way home.
  • Leave Sweet Nothings: It does not cost anything to leave little love notes all around. Take out the post-it notes and a pen and tell him or her all the things that you love about them. Or recount how you met and leave notes with little details all around.

If You are Celebrating Yourself This Year

  • Invite over your friends: You could sponsor a white elephant gift exchange. Think of it like a secret santa over the Christmas holiday. Everyone buys a gift, wraps it and picks it from a pile. Then you can decide whether people can further exchange it. Too complicated? Just invite over friends for a pot luck. Or cook together - you don't have to be a couple to enjoy making food in the kitchen.
  • Rent a movie: If you are happy to be single, watch a sappy movie or a comedy. If you are not, maybe a slasher film is in order.
  • Redecorate: You don't have to spend a lot to redecorate. If you have some disposable income, buy a couple cans of paint. Or, take your camera and go outside. Snap photos of everything you see that you find appealing. Then, when you have money, print the photos and hang them in nice frames.
  • Get What You Want: One of the upsides of being alone on Valentine's Day is that you won't be disappointed by not getting what you were hoping for. Always dreamed of a dozen red roses? Go buy them. Put them in a pretty vase in your house. Want chocolates? Go get your favorites and savor them or share them with your best friends. If you don't like the romantic gifts, buy a ticket to your favorite sports event or concert and you have something to look forward to in the next few months.

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Jack Inhoff February 14, 2013 at 06:09 AM
McDonalds has new fish-bites for $1- last day. Pretty tasty-little more spice than filet-o-fish. I'm going to get my sweetie 2-orders.


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