Good Riddance: Polar Vortex On Its Way Out Of Frankfort

The AccuWeather Global Weather Center says the polar vortex is on its way out.

Credit: AccuWeather Global Weather Center
Credit: AccuWeather Global Weather Center

The polar vortex that left Frankfort frozen in its tracks is going to be old news pretty soon, according to the AccuWeather Global Weather Center.

A "reprieve is on the way from the frigid air and the polar vortex that has briefly brought life-threatening conditions to approximately 240 million people in the United States and southern Canada this week," said a statement released by the weather center.

Once the polar vortex is gone, "a far-reaching January thaw will begin," if AccuWeather is to be believed.

"Over much of the Central states, South and Northeast, less wind on Wednesday will make for less harsh, less dangerous conditions," the statement said.

"The temperature rebound will be shared with pockets of rain, ice and snow as the week progresses," it said, but the "reprieve" apparently will not last long.

"The clock will be ticking on the upcoming January thaw as well," AccuWeather said. "According to Long Range Weather Expert Paul Pastelok, 'After a relatively mild middle part of January, we are likely to experience a return of Arctic blasts later in the month.'"

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