Nutmeg is in Search of her Forever Home!!!

Nutmeg is a year old, FIV+ girl. She has the biggest eyes and most distinctive patterning. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, she is a gentle soul. She craves human attention and will follow you until you sit down so she can get on your lap. She is in foster care with other cats and does fine with them. She prefers her own company and will choose to perch in a high place. She would do best in a house with a fewer number of animals and where she could get the attention that she is looking for!

FIV cats can and do live long, healthy lives. Lulu's Locker was founded to educate
others about and rescue FIV cats - they are among the most loving and appreciative cats you will ever meet and adopt. For full information on FIV, visit our web link: http://luluslockerrescue.org/education-resources/ and thank you for helping us to bring to light the misconceptions surrounding such wonderful, adoptable kitties!

If you think this pet may be your new best friend please contact us at luluslocker@gmail.com or on our website at luluslockerrescue.org.


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