Women In Islam

This article talks about the women in Islam, who they are viewed from others, and how they actually are.

Amina Malik

Chicago west

22 February 2013

Women in Islam

                Even today, stereotypes persist about Muslim women. Sadly, these stereotypes are perpetuated by attitudes within Muslim societies themselves. Many, in so called “Muslim” societies think that Muslim women are basically not allowed to do anything; they assume that women are wired differently than men and that a Muslim woman is restricted to stay home, not permitted to leave her house, and is unable to get an education. A lot ofthese same people also think that if women don’twear the veil, they are subject to cruel punishment. All of these views are completely antithetical to Islamic teaching. They may stem from traditional cultural beliefs, but not from Islam. Such views within Muslim societies lead outsiders to think that women in Islam are treated totally different than men. Yes there are some rules pertaining specifically to women just as there are rules addressing men, but the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be on him) said that education was the duty of every Muslim, man and woman. Islam is unequivocal about the right of a woman to gain the highest education; in fact it proclaimed a woman’s right to an education hundreds of years before any secular law did so. So the assumption that Muslim women are not allowed to get an education is false. In today’s society there are many successful women leading the world. Today Muslim women are doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists, etc. They are proving to the world that they are as successful due to, not in spite of, the rights given them as Muslims.

                If you talk to a non-Muslim, such as an American, to describe Muslim women, they will just say they are wrapped up in a big black burqa. Basically that shows that in today’s society there is a special image set for Muslim women. Sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. Good thing-Muslim women cover or wear the veil to uphold their faith and to be recognized for it. It also shows they have self-respect, and that their bodies are not to be objectified. Bad thing- that a lot of people think that if Muslim women don’t cover, they receive cruel punishment or that they are forced to wear the veil. The fact is Islam does not prescribe any such punishment and the injunction to cover in the Quran is a Muslim woman’s right to follow, not be forced to follow.

Day by day, Muslim women are doing good things in the world and also getting recognized for it.

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Adeel Ahmed March 10, 2013 at 04:10 AM
Grand read! Alhamdulillah! Let the world know that the majority of Muslim converts are educated Western woman! Salam.
Qudsia Lone March 10, 2013 at 05:25 AM
It is very true that there are a lot of misconceptions about Islam and especially about Muslim women in Islam. I've seen though wherever I have lived in Canada and the United states that people around us start to separate myth from reality. One of the problems is that the negatives often get more publicity and those who tend spread the myths are generally working on some agenda and thus are more vocal than the average folk. I really hope people living in Muslim majority countries would wake up and start setting better examples to help dispel these myths. To be fair, horrible things happen to women in non-Muslim countries of similar education levels and economic backgrounds, but those issues are not raised so loudly in the West.
Adeel Ahmed March 11, 2013 at 01:33 AM
I agree 100%. Salam.
Juan Lopez October 10, 2013 at 09:54 AM
Couple things: Your statement "If you talk to a non-Muslim, such as an American" - is as bad as Americans assuming all Muslims are Arabs. Many Americans are Muslims. Secondly, you may be accurate about the stance of the Quran on the role of women in society - but the leaders of most Islamic nations have bastardized the religion to the point where most westerners associate female subordination to be part of the religion. We hear of Saudi women who cannot drive. And you may have heard about the Pakistani girl who was shot in the head for espousing her views on female education. I have heard that many Islamic countries do not allow women to be in the presence of unrelated men without a chaperone. I believe women are not allowed to pray in the same area as men. I understand the premise behind this - but you imply that women who walk around in jeans in America do not have self-respect? I think the women in America are as free as any women in the entire world - and I don't think they would have achieved that status without self-respect, without an education, job opportunities, etc. Muslim women have a long way to go. They need a political voice. Again, I don't doubt that your statements are correct in theory, per the Quran - but the clerics and politicians in these countries have failed miserably. And while I'm at it, you should stop killing people who leave your religion. It makes you seem intolerant of other faiths.


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